2021 brought a handy installer for Arch Linux, powering the Steam Deck


Arch Linux has had a pretty good year with the introduction of “Archinstall” as part of the official installation media as a new optional installer to easily install the distro on Valve by choosing Arch Linux as the new SteamOS 3.0 base that will power their upcoming Steam Deck console handheld game.

By almost all indicators Arch Linux had a pretty good 2021. Perhaps the most exciting is the switch to Arch Linux from Steam Deck / SteamOS where, as before, Valve relied on Debian which broke down too quickly. Using Arch Linux will allow for faster updates and ensure the most recent and optimal experience for their Linux-based handheld, which is expected to start shipping next quarter. Until the release of new SteamOS images, Valve encouraged developers to test the easy-to-use, desktop-oriented, Arch-based Manjaro Linux distribution.

For those short on time or just looking for a simple way to install Arch Linux to start experimenting with, this year also added Archinstall to the Arch Linux installation media. The text-based installer is very easy to use and very fast if you want a basic installation of Arch Linux in a matter of minutes. In the months since its introduction, Archinstall has continued to add a lot of features.

This year’s project was also exciting to switch to LTO by default to use bind time optimizations when building for Arch. Another exciting step in the name of performance and modern computing is Arch’s x86-64-v3 port.

Apart from that, Arch Linux has continued its monthly ISO updates and rollout with all cutting edge package updates. Apart from Arch Linux itself, Arch-based distributions like Manjaro and EndeavorOS also saw new releases and successes this year and ended the year with Manjaro 21.2 and EndeavorOS 21.4.


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