5 Best Free E-Signature Software for Small Businesses


Electronic signatures are essential in today’s business world. For small businesses on a budget, here are the five best free email signature software options.

It doesn’t matter how old fashioned you are. In today’s business world, it is impossible to avoid electronic signatures.

Businesses have fallen in love with electronic signatures because they simplify a tedious but necessary process in a legally binding way. Gone are the days of faxes or sending documents back and forth. Now a business can have a customer or business partner sign documents online in just seconds.

If you don’t have your own electronic signature software, you’ve probably had a hard time figuring out how to sign a PDF or other document. Instead of being caught off guard every time, be proactive and get software that will help you take care of this task. There are plenty of free options for small businesses on a tight budget.

Here are the five best free email signature software platforms available and how each one works.

Top 5 free e-signature options:

  • PandaDoc
  • always sign
  • HelloSign
  • docsketch
  • CocoSign

What to Look for in a Great No Email Signature Option

Electronic signatures sound simple, but there are a lot of ins and outs you need to be aware of when it comes to these platforms. If you want to create an electronic signature correctly, you should look for the following three attributes in the software you choose.

1. Security

Electronic signatures must be secure in order to ensure the confidentiality of the file and to protect the data. All electronic signature software options should have the technical ability to encrypt, authenticate, and do everything else to ensure a secure signature.

2. Integration

Integration is important with e-signature software because it makes it easy to use and allows users of a number of different devices – from desktops to tablets to mobile devices – to access the software. If not everyone can use it, or if they have to go through steps to do so, you introduce more complexity into the process.

3. Reputation

Your customers and business partners need to trust the authenticity of an electronic signature. So you should use software options with a solid reputation so that they trust it with important data. Check out testimonials, read The Ascent reviews, and consult your peers on the best options in this field. Make sure that the affected software vendors have a customer support team that can answer your questions.

Our top 5 free electronic signature software

If you want secure e-signatures but don’t want to pay a lot of money — or any money at all — these five free e-signature software options should do the trick.

1. PandaDoc

PandaDoc is a fairly feature-rich electronic signature platform that goes beyond signing into more advanced management tasks, such as holistic document workflow and customer relationship management (CRM) functions. . Therefore, it’s more suitable for larger businesses, but the fact that it offers a free version and is hosted in the cloud is worth exploring if you’re a small business.

The free version lets you upload documents, send them for an electronic signature, and even collect payments. Even better, it lets you do this with unlimited documents and for unlimited users.

That’s why, in our opinion, this free email signature software option ranks number one, even though it’s not as easy to use and the paid tiers are a bit more expensive. Additional features you miss by not paying include templates, drag-and-drop document editor, CRM integrations, and premium integrations.

How it works: Through the software, you upload the document and choose to send it by email or with a link. Then you can ask signers to sign a specific order and restrict where they can send the documents. You can even set a time limit and invite signers with reminders.

The PandaDoc dashboard with signature customization options.

PandaDoc gives you customization options for your signature. Image source: author

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2. never sign

For those who just want a simple free PDF electronic signature software option, eversign gets the job done, and it has plenty of other features should you ever decide to upgrade. The software is integrated with third-party platforms, such as Dropbox and Google, and it enjoys a strong reputation among customers.

The strength of this platform is that it’s incredibly easy to use, making it ideal for tech newbies. The downsides are its lack of phone support (like many software options in this category), limited third-party integrations, and poor functionality on smartphones.

As you’d expect, you won’t get access to most features with the free version, also known as eversign Lite. This release limits the number of documents you can sign each month to just five, so you’ll need to upgrade if your organization’s needs go beyond that. However, this is a great opportunity to test out the software as there is no free trial offered for the paid tiers.

How it works: You can easily prepare a document for a digital signature by uploading it and then dragging and dropping signature fields into it. For companies looking for simplicity, this functionality is a major asset.

The eversign dashboard displays useful usage statistics.

The eversign dashboard presents relevant statistics. Image source: author

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3. HelloSign

HelloSign makes it easy to collect an online signature, thanks to a simple and intuitive interface. The software supports the basics on a free tier, and while there’s no phone support and a limited app, it’s a solid deal for companies that just need software. competent able to provide an electronic signature free of charge.

That said, the free version is quite limited. You only get three signature requests per month, and it doesn’t take much for a company’s needs to quickly exceed that. If you want unlimited signing requests, you’ll need to upgrade to the next tier: Pro, which starts at $13/month.

How it works: Like eversign, the process of creating a document that can be signed is simple. All you need to do is upload the document to the platform, mark the fields that require signatures or initials, and then email the form to the recipient. For multiple signatures, you can easily add signers and additional fields, and the fields are color-coded based on signer.

A form uploaded to HelloSign indicating where signatures are needed.

HelloSign highlights areas of the form that need to be signed. Image source: author

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4. Documentary Sketch

docsketch is an easy to use and versatile platform for a range of document types. It has plenty of great templates to make document creation easier if you don’t want to reinvent the wheel, and the software does a good job of speeding up the e-signature process.

It lets you require multiple people to fill out and sign documents in any order, notifying each person when it’s their turn. And you can keep your most commonly used documents so you can recreate them on the fly when needed.

Docsketch has a 100% free version, but it’s limited to one sender, one template, and three documents per month. You’ll need to upgrade to Personal for unlimited documents and five templates, or Business for anything unlimited, plus additional features, such as branding and data validation.

How it works: Click “Create a new document” and choose to upload a document or use a saved template. Then you indicate who needs to fill in the document, which will prompt the software to automatically identify the places that need to be filled in and signed. You can drag and drop to edit, then the document is ready to send to the client.


CocoSign is a popular electronic signature option that is easy to use from any web browser. He masters the basics, in particular the collection and integration of digital signatures on documents. The platform uses a simplified electronic signature workflow to help you streamline the process in your business.

All parties can access the document from any device, be it a computer, smartphone or tablet. You’ll be able to manage and track document workflow, and the software automatically sends notifications to signers so the ball is always in someone’s court. Once everyone has completed their part, everyone receives a copy of the completed document.

CocoSign has a free version limited to one sender, one template, and three downloads. You must upgrade to a Business plan to get unlimited downloads and templates.

How it works: When connecting and uploading a document, choose where to place fields for signatures. Invite others to sign and you’ll get an alert when each recipient is done. Then you can upload the signed document.

Try A Few Platforms First

You might be tempted to just choose a software option and follow it, but that’s not a good idea. You may find that the electronic signature process is more complicated than you thought, or you may not like the interface.

Instead, it’s worth taking the time to download a few options and try each one out. They are free, after all, so it won’t cost you a penny. Once you’ve done that, you can be sure you’re making the right choice.


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