Bing Search + ChatGPT

ChatGPT integrated with Bing search

About Bing Search + ChatGPT

Microsoft is aiming to make Bing more competitive with Google by releasing a version that utilizes ChatGPT and possibly GPT-4 to answer search inquiries. The Information states that they expect the feature to be made available before March ends.

With the technology behind ChatGPT, created by AI company OpenAI, Bing can give more human-like responses instead of just providing links to information.

Microsoft’s incorporation of ChatGPT-like features could be a contender to Google’s Knowledge Graph, which is a foundation of data that Google uses to rapidly give responses and update them through crawling the web and user feedback.


Update: On 4 February, 2023 an early development project of the upcoming version was released by mistake.

Bing Search + ChatGPT screenshots

Bing Search + ChatGPT - screen 1

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