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GPT-3 Powered Customer Feedback Analysis

About Chatdesk

Chatdesk develops software that assists businesses in improving customer service, increasing sales and efficiently scaling their operations.

Chatdesk's GPT-3 model helps companies to gain a better understanding of their customers by highlighting or summarizing the insights they gain from customer feedback.

What is Chatdesk Trends and how does it use GPT-3?

Chatdesk Trends is a free dashboard that automatically analyzes customer feedback from sources such as email, chat, social media, reviews, surveys and more. Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Deep Learning algorithms are used to automatically categorize messages in real time. We have a machine learning model and algorithm for each industry that we serve, such as Fintech, Fashion, Beauty, Pets, Airlines and more. The dashboard can be used by anyone in the organization, such as Customer Experience, Marketing, Fulfillment, Product, etc. The free dashboard allows for unlimited users and no prior knowledge of Python, data science, HTML or SQL is needed.

For Chatdesk Trends, GPT-3 is used to help companies make sense of their customer feedback. For example, one of our customers, The Black Tux, gets a lot of messages about sizing of clothing. We use GPT-3 to summarize these messages:

All the messages are indexed in our semantic search engine, which allows us to quickly find messages that mention “sizing”, as well as related words such as “sizes” or “size”. However, not all of these messages are relevant to our summary.

Chatdesk screenshots

Chatdesk - screen 1
Chatdesk - screen 2
Chatdesk - screen 3
Chatdesk - screen 4

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