An Open Bilingual Pre-Trained Model

About GLM-130B

GLM-130B is an open bilingual (English & Chinese) bidirectional dense model with 130 billion parameters, pre-trained using the algorithm of General Language Model (GLM). It has been trained on over 400 billion text tokens (200 billion each for English and Chinese), and has some impressive capabilities.

It is designed to support inference tasks with the 130B parameters on a single A100 (40G * 8) or V100 (32G * 8) server. With INT4 quantization, the hardware requirements can further be reduced to a single server with 4 * RTX 3090 (24G) with almost no performance degradation. As of July 3rd, 2022, GLM-130B has been trained on over 400 billion text tokens (200B each for Chinese and English) and it has the following unique features:

GLM-130B features

  • Bilingual: supports both English and Chinese.
  • Performance (EN): better than GPT-3 175B (+4.0%), OPT-175B (+5.5%), and BLOOM-176B (+13.0%) on LAMBADA and slightly better than GPT-3 175B (+0.9%) on MMLU.
  • Performance (CN): significantly better than ERNIE TITAN 3.0 260B on 7 zero-shot CLUE datasets (+24.26%) and 5 zero-shot FewCLUE datasets (+12.75%).
  • Fast Inference: supports fast inference on both SAT and FasterTransformer (up to 2.5X faster) with a single A100 server.
  • Reproducibility: all results (30+ tasks) can be easily reproduced with open-sourced code and model checkpoints.
  • Cross-Platform: supports training and inference on NVIDIA, Hygon DCU, Ascend 910, and Sunway (Will be released soon).

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