A GPT-3-like Korean language model trained by Naver

Details about HyperCLOVA

Naver Corp., a South Korean company, recently revealed its advanced AI platform known as "HyperCLOVA". This is a Korean language model system which allows it to have a similar level of understanding as the human brain does.

During an online presentation, the company highlighted that HyperCLOVA has more than 204 billion parameters, which is a lot higher than the 175 billion parameters of GPT-3, which is said to be the most advanced AI language model right now. The more parameters a model has, the easier it is for it to recognize different aspects of speech such as nuances and dialects.

The company also noted that HyperCLOVA is the first hyper-mega Korean language model system, different from other AI models which are based on English. This system was trained with 6,500 times more Korean data than the American model GPT-3. Out of all the data, 97 percent is Korean language.

Once HyperCLOVA is in use, various AI systems can be used to handle tasks like conversations, translations, summarization, sentence generation, and machine reading. This can lead to a lot of new business and service opportunities.

Naver plans to make HyperCLOVA a multimodal AI in the future, which will be able to understand videos and images.

Source: https://pulsenews.co.kr/view.php?year=2021&no=506625

HyperCLOVA screenshots

HyperCLOVA - screen 1
HyperCLOVA - screen 2
HyperCLOVA - screen 3

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