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Mumu X

GPT-3 AI powered synonyms to find emojis

About Mumu X

Mumu X is a tool that makes searching for emojis and symbols easy. It takes advantage of the advanced GPT-3 AI technology to provide users with synonyms so they don't have to remember the exact name of the emoji or symbol they are looking for.

Mumu X features

? GPT-3 AI powered synonyms

Mumu X has over 17,000 synonyms that are generated by GPT-3 AI, so you can quickly find an emoji or symbol just by typing in what comes to mind.

✏️ Personal synonyms

You can add as many of your own synonyms as you want, giving you even more options for quickly finding the right emoji or symbol.

? Pin to top

You can easily access your favorite emojis and symbols by pinning them to the top of the list.

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