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Alienware unveiled its Nyx concept for home game streaming at CES this year. – Image courtesy of Alienware

SAN FRANCISCO, January 5 – At CES 2022, Alienware is showcasing an all-new concept that will allow users to enjoy PC games at home on any computer, TV or smartphone screen. This concept takes the form of a specific application, and would turn a PC into a real home game server.

CES 2022 hasn’t opened yet, but Alienware is already causing a stir. With its Nyx concept, Dell’s gaming subsidiary intends to offer users the possibility of creating a real home gaming network. It is essentially a local streaming tool capable of simultaneously streaming up to four games from a PC to other devices in the house.

As cloud-based streaming solutions like Google’s Stadia become more and more popular among gamers, this new concept is ultimately reminiscent of Sony’s Remote Play, which was launched about fifteen years ago and already allowed users to enjoy their PlayStation games through other devices. , including tablets and laptops.

With Nyx, the idea is to be able to enjoy the same game on your desktop, laptop, smartphone or TV screen, over a single Wi-Fi connection. In the Alienware demonstration, each player uses a wireless controller. identical, allowing it to play games on its own screen. It’s even possible for two players to play two different games on the same screen, dividing the screen in half. In addition, a player can quickly switch between games – always using their controller simply by switching screens.

To achieve this, Alienware plans to develop a cross-platform application called Nyx, which would allow access from a PC, TV or smartphone to any game in a user’s library, regardless of the platform on which they are playing. was bought. As such, the PC would effectively act as a server for all other players in the house. Ultimately, the goal is to obtain better latency than with online game streaming services available on subscription.

The last edition of CES will take place from January 5 to 7, 2022 in Las Vegas. ETX Studio



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