Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition returns to an all-time high of $135


Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition is the best e-reader for the money, and now you can pick one up at the lowest price we’ve seen. This is relisted at its Prime Day price of $135, for a savings of $55 (29%). Amazon has also reduced the regular price by 29% Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Oasis devices, so if you’re looking for an e-reader, now’s a great time to buy one.

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The Paperwhite Signature Edition earned an exemplary score of 97 in our Engadget Review thanks to a number of interesting features. With smaller bezels, it has a large, responsive 6.8-inch E Ink touchscreen, with soft backlights that you can turn on and off or adjust to suit your reading conditions. It offers USB-C and wireless charging (with up to 10 weeks of playtime on a single charge), 32GB of storage, waterproof playback, auto-brightness, and warm light options. The only complaint we had was the price of $190, but that’s an easy decision in the $135 sale price.

If you don’t need that much storage, the standard Kindle Paperwhite also goes on sale with 8GB of memory. ($100 or $40 off) and 16 GB ($105 or $45 off). You get most of the features of the Signature Edition, like warm light, 10 weeks of battery life and waterproof playback, though it lacks wireless charging and extra storage.

Also on sale is the Kindle Oasis, available at $200 for the 32GB model instead of the regular price of $280. We called it “the perfect e-reader for the 1%” in our exam because while it’s incredibly thin and light and comes with a charging case, $280 is pretty pricey. The sale helps alleviate this problem by reducing the price by $80 or 29%, making it a much more affordable indulgence.

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