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A safety advisory has been issued regarding Michael James Fader and Fader Industries, a Langley-based installer of furnaces, cooling systems and water heaters.

Technical Safety BC advises homeowners, businesses, building and strata managers – especially in the Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island and Okanagan – to check their records to see if they have had gas or electrical work by Fader or Fader Industries and contact Technical Safety BC if they have any safety concerns.

“It is also possible that Mr. Fader performed work in other areas of British Columbia,” the notice said.

“Although Mr. Fader is not currently licensed to perform regulated gas or electrical work in British Columbia and does not hold a license to perform regulated work in either of these areas, he performed installations and repairs without a permit,” the notice reads.

“Significant hazards have resulted from some of Mr. Fader’s work and these risks may have posed serious and sometimes serious risks to the safety of the public.”

Anyone with information regarding work performed by Fader or Fader Industries should contact the Technical Safety BC website or call 1-866-566-7233.

On Saturday, March 12, Langley Advance Times contacted Fader Industries, asking if the company had any comments on the notice.

“Yes we have and not true,” was the email response.

A Fader Facebook page said the company serves Langley, Victoria and Penticton.

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Technical Safety BC describes itself as “an independent, not-for-profit organization committed to promoting safety by regulating technical products, equipment, systems and railways.”

Formerly known as the BC Safety Authority, Technical Safety BC is an independent, self-funded organization that oversees the safe installation and operation of technical systems and equipment across the province.

In addition to issuing permits, licenses and certificates, it works with industry to reduce safety risks through assessment, education and awareness, enforcement and research.

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