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Better call solar

We were founded with the simple idea of ​​seeing your solar system as a way to provide ongoing service instead of a one-time transaction. Our founder Rhys Winn had worked for a few other solar companies before starting Better Call Solar and was frustrated with the lack of post-installation accountability for results. With time to reflect during the initial lockdown of 2020, Rhys founded the business and after a slow start given the timing, we have now completed many high quality installations ranging from Dubbo to Dee Why.

Ultimately, if you’ve gotten this far in your solar search phase – in that you’re reading the company bio on an approved page like SolarQuotes – you’re clearly not looking for the “hot offer” provided by Cowboy companies. Smart move – pay peanuts, get monkeys. At this point, you are simply looking for someone you can trust to help you achieve your goals with this investment. Most solar systems endorsed by this page will be well installed, use reputable products, and will definitely save you money on your electric bill, but as a customer of Better Call Solar, we go above and beyond the strict minimum to ensure you have the most holistic experience in the industry. We promise all our customers 4 things:

1. We will listen to you and meet your needs, no matter how small

– Initial discovery call, pre-assessment site inspection to account for quote discrepancies, in-home consultation with all relevant decision makers

2. Your system will be designed and installed to the highest standards
– Roof assessment before installation + design documentation provided by the electrical engineer
– Design installed by our team of hand-selected electricians

3. Communication at all stages of the process will be a 6 star experience

– 24/7 access to the whole company via a personalized WhatsApp group

4. You’ll save more money with our post-installation account management processes
– Integrating monitoring data from Solar Analytics, we provide quarterly consumption pattern recommendations based on what other customers with the same grid find efficient, as well as ongoing rate analysis to ensure you are are on the best plan for your situation.
– Given the ever-changing nature of today’s wholesale energy market, our customers are finding that by simply being on the right tariff for their system, they are better off an additional $600-1000 per year.

Our two main goals as a company are:

– Be the highest rated company on this page
– Give you such a good idea of ​​your investment that you tell your family and friends about it

To achieve these goals, all customers must be treated as our first – your experience will be no different.


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