Cannabis AR and NE Ballot Signature Submissions (Bulletin: July 8, 2022)


VA Clarifies Marijuana Industry Worker Home Loan Issue; Griner pleads guilty in Russia; New York crackdown on unlicensed cannabis sellers

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  • Donn Room: “I am a four-year veteran of the United States Marine Corps and a retired history teacher who also suffers from pain…Indiana is our home and we are surrounded by states with much more liberal cannabis laws I’m looking to be more familiar with legalization in other states so I know what should be done here in Indiana maybe get some insight into how the legalization of cannabis cannabis can be done most effectively and how I can help you. I very much appreciate your efforts.

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The Department of Veterans Affairs issued a memo clarifying that veterans who work in the marijuana industry are not ineligible for VA-backed home loans, but noting that the ongoing federal ban may make some lenders reluctant to risk funding them.

American basketball player Brittney Griner pleaded guilty to smuggling cannabis vapes into Russia, but says she did it accidentally. Meanwhile, a Russian official suggested the US stance on the case was hypocritical, as marijuana is also criminalized in some states.

Nebraska activists have turned in what they hope are enough signatures to qualify two medical cannabis initiatives for the November ballot. It is the culmination of a volunteer-led petition campaign that saw a major legal setback this week and the loss of major donors earlier in the year.

Arkansas activists Friday plan to submit what they say is more than double the number of signatures needed to put a marijuana legalization initiative on the November ballot, but other advocates have concerns about the measure’s provisions.

New York regulators announced that they have sent cease and desist letters warning more than 50 unlicensed businesses to stop illegally selling marijuana or they will become ineligible to receive cannabis licenses in the future.


The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health tweeted, “#Cannabis and its constituent #cannabinoids are being studied for their potential to relieve #pain and possibly serve as a partial substitute for #opioids.”

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) tweeted, “Our country’s senseless cannabis laws have disproportionately harmed black and brown communities for decades. We urge @POTUS and his administration to use their executive authority to decriminalize cannabis and pardon non-violent cannabis offenders.

Rep. Ed Perlmutter (D-CO) tweeted, “Senate inaction on this [marijuana banking] means a blockage of progress on fairness in the cannabis industry and an ongoing risk to public safety that puts the lives and livelihoods of business owners and employees across the country at risk.

Representative Mike Garcia (R-CA) tweeted, “For over a year, I’ve been working with law enforcement to protect our neighborhoods and shut down illegal marijuana grow operations. Field Deputies need the resources to get the job done, and I am proud to rise to the occasion for them and our communities.”

Democratic congressional candidate from Florida Cindy Banyai tweeted, “I will work federally to decriminalize cannabis and expunge possession records. This is what we must do to face the moment.


New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy’s (D) office issued a press release about the state’s phasing out of sales taxes on medical cannabis. The lieutenant governor tweeted, “Good news: Effective July 1, there is no state sales tax on medicinal cannabis, advancing our commitment to putting patients first and improving affordability.

Iowa Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Rick Stewart has spoken of his support for broad drug law reform, including plans to tackle gun violence and mental health issues by legalizing psychedelic therapy.

washington state Treasurer tweeted, While common sense solutions continue to stagnate for #SAFEBanking, legal cannabis retailers in our state are continued targets of theft and worker safety remains at risk. We need #SAFEBankingNOW”

The Virginia The legislator’s working group responsible for analyzing industrial hemp extracts and other substances containing tetrahydrocannabinol intended for human consumption has met.

A Oregon The senator tweeted: “Through rulemaking, Oregon can set a historic precedent in respecting the traditions and practices of Indigenous, religious and spiritual communities who work with psilocybin and other entheogens.”

Vermont regulators are withdrawing the federally approved hemp plan from the state at the end of the year, which means growers will have to register with the US Department of Agriculture.

the New York one Dormitory Authority has issued a request for information from financial institutions that may provide banking services for the state’s Cannabis Social Equity Investment Fund.

Pennsylvania The Department of Agriculture and the Lithuanian Ministry of Agriculture have signed an agreement which includes sharing of best practices and consultation on hemp.

California sent a notice regarding the elimination of the cannabis cultivation tax.

Colorado Regulators are accepting applications to serve on the Social Equity Program Advisory Working Group.

Michigan Regulators released a Marijuana Business Discipline Report for the month of June.

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Gallatin County, Montana Voters will see marijuana tax questions again in the November ballot after previous votes were overruled due to procedural errors.

Los Angeles, California Regulators have launched a Cannabis Industry Jobs Board.

Denver, Colorado officials are hosting a marijuana industry registration meeting on July 19.


Argentine The President’s spokesman Alberto Fernández called for the “total decriminalization of cannabis”.


A study in rats revealed that “CBD appears to be a potential new therapeutic agent in the treatment of endometriosis by inhibiting inflammation and decreasing oxidative stress in a dose-dependent manner.

A review concluded that “psychedelics may be a promising alternative in the treatment of” substance use disorder.


Boston Trees from Reddit The forum has come under fire for offering community marketing services to marijuana companies while touting the ability to “remove unwanted content” or ban users.

The National Council of Cannabis Laboratories proposed a standardized national approach for testing cannabis products.


Akerna Corp. reported that July 1 was the second-highest day for cannabis sales this year.

Montana retailers sold $24.9 million worth of legal marijuana products in June.

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