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Looking for a new air conditioner to cool your home? If so, here are some criteria to consider.

If you only need to cool a small area, opt for a window, portable, or wall-mounted air conditioner. Window units are affordable and easy to install in any window opening. However, they can be noisy. Portable units are more expensive than those with a window, but can be easily moved from room to room. Additionally, wall units are the quietest of the three but must be recessed into the exterior wall of your property.

If you need to cool a large space, a central air conditioner or heat pump is the way to go. Although these units can be expensive and require professional installation, they are effective and can save you a lot of money over time.

Continuous use of a low-powered air conditioner will cool your home more efficiently than an extremely powerful unit that keeps shutting off and restarting. Keep in mind that you need to choose a unit with enough BTUs to effectively cool the size of your space. You need to consider the direction your house faces and the amount of sunlight it receives throughout the day. For example, south-facing houses heat up very quickly in the summer.

Energetic efficiency
The energy performance of your air conditioner can have a huge impact on how much you spend on your utility bills. Therefore, look for ENERGY STAR certified products that meet strict efficiency requirements.

Noise level
Make sure that the sound level of your air conditioner complies with the regulations in force in your building or your municipality. You can consult the datasheet of the device to know the number of decibels it emits. You should stay away from devices that emit more than 80 decibels, as they may damage your hearing over time. In general, the more expensive the air conditioner, the quieter it is.

Visit a local HVAC company for personalized advice or to have your new air conditioner installed by a professional.


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