Game Pass has PC games – PC Builder Series: Minecraft

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To kick off the Has PC Games – PC Builder Series Game Pass in the new year, we once again invited Austin Evans, UrAvgConsumer and TinyMakesThings for another entry featuring Minecraft. Since last November, Minecraft is available with PC Game Pass, and for the first time ever, we were able to access the Java and Bedrock editions. We are still reeling from this major announcement, so we had to dedicate an episode to this iconic game.

To celebrate this, we can play both editions of Minecraft with PC Game Pass, we wanted to do something special for talented gamers Minecraft GeminiTay content creator. Austin and Tiny have teamed up to create a Minecraft-Themed PC and a set of matching fun keycaps.

To completely stun GeminiTay, Austin decided to build a PC that looked like one of his favorites Minecraft blocks. To do this, Austin and his team had to figure out how to fit all the components into a box-like form factor. Despite this challenge, he did an excellent job, and the result is striking. blocked PC adapted to a Minecraft fan.

Game Pass has PC games - PC Builder Series: Minecraft

Tiny’s uppercase keys were inspired by the popular Minecraft mobs, the pig and Creeper. To go even further, Tiny took out his 3D printer and assembled caps that looked like the Minecraft Block of ore. The result of Tiny and Austin’s efforts was an interesting reveal that left GeminiTay surprised and ecstatic.

Check out GeminiTay’s YouTube to see its unboxing video. Plus, stay tuned to her Twitch so you don’t miss her next charity stream where she’ll be performing. Minecraft on his brand new PC.

Game Pass has a PC

To support the Minecraft edition of the Game Pass Has PC Games Invitational which will take place on January 28, UrAvgConsumer has taken it to the next level Minecraft– a themed PC build that will be given to a player whose clip is voted Game Pass Has PC Games Craftiest Moment. Whoever ends up with his build will be really lucky because the PC he put together turned out to be amazing. Watch how UrAvgConsumer put together their rig in their YouTube video, and be sure to join the Game Pass Has PC Games Invitational Hub on Boom TV, so you never miss an event.

Game Pass has PC games - PC Builder Series: Minecraft

After seeing how crafty our builders have become, it’s a good time to play Minecraft ourselves. Enjoy both editions of Minecraft with PC Game Pass. Join now to get your first month for $1. Stay tuned to the Xbox Wire for the latest updates on games you can check out next. See you soon!

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