Games Jobs Fair Spring 2022 (online)


Are you ready to take it to the next level in the gaming industry? So join Games Job Fair Spring 2022 and take the first step towards a new adventure! The Games Job Fair is a recruitment, career development and networking event featuring industry speakers and over 1000 talents from around the world.

From April 27 to 29, talents can participate in the next fair organized by Games Factory Talents ONLINE for FREE! The goal of the event is to enhance the careers of talent, share valuable industry knowledge and bring the right people to the right jobs; it’s an opportunity for studios and talents to meet, evolve and network.

How to join

For Talents: Simply complete this registration form. Closer to the event, all approved talent will receive an email with a link to the PINE platform, where the show will be held. Games Factory Talents also has a Discord server you can join!

Event Highlights

  • Focus on recruitment for the video game industry
  • Discussions from industry heavyweights
  • Peer networking, speakers
  • Career level with expert advice
  • New perspectives on the games industry

This time, the show extends to Europe! It includes studios from the Netherlands, Germany, UK, etc. Some of the participating studios are InnoGames, King, Yager, Pixel United, MAG Interactive, 1939 Games, Supercell and others.

You can expect valuable insight into the inner workings of the gaming industry, tips for maintaining and improving your job search, discussions on hot topics, the ability to connect with studios, experts and peers, and more!

Topics include creative portfolio review, tips for your journey in the video game industry, panel discussions on diversity and inclusion in the games industry, and mobile gaming trends of 2022, and what are only a fragment of what the event has in store for you.

Creative Portfolio Review

The fair is hosting a special panel sponsored by ArtStation this year, and your own creative portfolio can be a shining star there! Dario Berruti from InnoGames, Tuomas Soukka from Fingersoft, Börkur Eiríksson from Mainframe and Martin Severn from King will review 7 pre-selected portfolios submitted by event participants. So if you want personalized advice tailored to your needs, remember to register for the event, then fill out this form.

Artistic challenges

Games Job Fair’s InnoGames and Mainframe Studios at InnoGames and Mainframe Studios are sponsoring another fun activity of this spring’s event in the form of art challenges. They are a unique opportunity for event participants to showcase their artistic skills, receive prizes and stand out. So prepare these tools, register for the event, read the challenges and join us!

About Games Factory Talents

Games Factory Talents (GFT) is a Finland-based recruitment agency dedicated to the video game industry. Their mission is to “connect passion and talent” from around the world.

They handle direct recruiting, host career fairs, maintain an anonymous talent board, and strive to create a community where industry professionals can advance their careers, network, and have fun in a friendly environment. , welcoming and inclusive.

To learn more about the event, check out


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