Google Stadia will bring Windows PC games to the cloud platform, according to speculation


Google Stadia hints that it will soon offer Windows PC games and bring popular titles to the cloud streaming platform for users on other devices. This may be a conflict of interest as Microsoft already has the Xbox Cloud Gaming streaming platform for titles, but speculation and reports surrounding it say so for the Google service.

Google Stadia will soon bring Windows PC games to the cloud

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SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA – MARCH 19: Attendees stand near the Stadia logo during the GDC Game Developers Conference on March 19, 2019 in San Francisco, California. Google has announced Stadia, a new streaming service that lets gamers play games online without consoles or computers.

Google is looking for ways to include Windows PC games on Stadia’s cloud gaming platform in the service, but now it may have unlocked the key to do so. According to Redditors, Google is building a new way to do this via emulation, and it will build it on the Linux platform for the Stadia cloud to bring to gamers.

Redditors say the company needs to reveal this clue about their game developer summit it will host soon, focusing on the many features it will bring to users. The cloud platform has no Windows PC games yet and has focused primarily on console games to be brought to a different platform, making it a first for them.

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Windows PC Games on the Cloud: Already on the Xbox Cloud

Windows cloud PC games are available on Xbox Cloud Gaming platform, and they have the rights to distribute it because it is from Microsoft company, which also distributes it. However, Google may request licenses from its developers and publishers, hence the availability of Windows games on Stadia.

Google Stadia and cloud gaming platforms

Google allows gamers on the Stadia cloud gaming platform to stream different titles for the different devices that can connect to the internet, and this has brought a breeze for most gamers. Instead of having it installed on their device, users can directly stream the titles using the internet, even on consoles like the Nintendo Switch.

Despite mixed initial reviews for Stadia, it is still a growing platform that brings different features to gamers and allows them to discover other titles and focus on its experience. Several parts of Stadia focus on friend requests for anyone with their Google Account, and this will help promote game streaming.

The internet company’s cloud gaming platform is a massive undertaking for them, especially since Google relies primarily on web services and has grown its presence in the cloud industry. Its abilities to offer Windows PC games give gamers the ability to explore more publicly available titles without the need for a ridiculous gaming setup that will cost them thousands of dollars.

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