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The Tech Walk: How Live Streaming and Online Gaming is Evolving

December 9, 2021


If technology improves and advances, other sectors are reaping the rewards, and one of the industries most dependent on the evolution of technology is gambling. Gambling covers a wide range of activities and is a umbrella term, but recently live streaming and content, in particular, has been on the rise.

Starting with streaming, if a gamer isn’t playing games themselves, they will more than likely watch someone else play on streaming platforms like Twitch. The experience for broadcasters and viewers is now better than ever thanks to the increasing power and capacity of PCs and laptops, with better chips and more RAM playing an important role, as well as much faster internet connections. and more reliable.

Streaming is sort of infiltrating another industry as well: Online board games now regularly make interactive content available to players that takes place in real time, with Hasbro co-launching the live casino game Monopoly with Evolution Gaming a prime example. Again, all of the above like super-fast internet speeds and graphics improvements play a role.

More people than ever are now using their smartphones to access online content, and it wouldn’t be possible without devices using the latest technology. Some mobiles are now able to compete with game consoles and some computers in terms of performance, which shows how far we have come. 5G has also come into play, which means online gaming on the go can be a more enjoyable experience.

Console gaming is more than worth mentioning when it comes to new tech as the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X have proven to be on a different level than anything seen before. Of course, this is largely due to the fact that Sony and Microsoft go to great lengths when designing and manufacturing their respective consoles. The PS5, for example, is a games console capable of producing 3D audio and 8K video output, while its predecessor, the PS4, can only handle 1080pm HD video. Owners of the new model will also see their frame rate double from 60 fps to 120 fps, which of course depends on the latest graphics cards used.

Even the way that users visually enjoy games has come a long way, with the latest monitors now supporting HDMI 2.1, which the PlayStation 5, for example, can work with. And devices that have been around for a few years, such as VR headsets, have received significant upgrades. As a result, the gaming experience is more immersive, with higher refresh rates and larger content libraries.

Gaming continues to be on the rise in all facets, be it streaming, hardware, software or peripherals. And none of this would happen if the technology didn’t constantly evolve and improve from year to year.

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