How to Fix Epic Games Installer Error 2503 on Windows 11 and 10


The Epic Games Launcher sometimes has trouble installing, but there are easy fixes for error 2503.

Epic Games is renowned for its very generous weekly free game promotions. Fortnite is the most famous freemium title available from Epic. However, users are unable to install Epic Games Launcher to play its free available games when error code 2503 message appears during installation.

Error 2503 is an installation issue that can occur for Epic Games Launcher and other Windows software. However, this error has been reported more widely for Epic Games Launcher. Let’s explore how you can fix error 2503 for Epic Games launcher on Windows 10 and 11.


1. Download the Epic Games launcher installer file again

Error 2503 can occur because the installer file you are trying to install Epic Games Launcher with is somehow corrupted. So, try downloading the Setup Wizard for Epic Games Launcher again. Click it To download on the Epic Game Launcher download page to get the latest version of the software. Then try to install the software with the new installation file.

2. Run Epic Games Installer with Command Prompt

Some users have confirmed that they were able to fix error 2503 by installing the Epic Games Launcher via Command Prompt. To do this, you will need to run the Epic Games installer file from an elevated command prompt by following these steps:

  1. Open File Explorer (you can press To win + E to do this).
  2. View any folder containing your downloaded Epic Games Launcher installation file.
  3. Left-click and drag the EpicInstaller-13.0.0.msi installer file to the desktop.
  4. Right-click the EpicInstaller-13.0.0.msi installer file to select its Properties option.
  5. Copy the location path to the General tab with the CTRL + VS keyboard shortcut.
  6. Hurry To win + Sand type Command Prompt in the search tool that the keyboard shortcut opens.
  7. Start the command prompt with elevated rights by selecting Execute as administrator for this application in the search tool.
  8. Hurry CTRL + V to paste the copied location path into the command prompt. Then add EpicInstaller-13.3.0.msi (the installation file name) at the end of the path like in the screenshot below.
  9. Hurry Walk in to run the setup file.
  10. Then click Install in the Epic Games Launcher configuration window that opens.

3. Run the program installer troubleshooter for Windows 11 and 10

Since error 2503 is an installation error, this is an issue that Microsoft’s Programs Install and Uninstall Troubleshooter can resolve. However, this troubleshooter is not included among those available in the settings. You can download this troubleshooter from the Microsoft website and run it as follows:

  1. Open the Program Install and Uninstall Troubleshooter download page on the Microsoft website.
  2. Click it Download Troubleshooter option.
  3. Open the folder where the program install and uninstall troubleshooter was downloaded.
  4. Double-click MicrosoftProgram_Install_and_Uninstall.meta to run the troubleshooter.
  5. Click it Advanced option in the convenience store.
  6. Select the Apply repairs automatically setting, and press Next Continue.
  7. Choose the Facility option.
  8. Select the Epic Games Launcher program you are trying to install from the list and click Next to apply the patches.

4. Scan and Repair System Files

Corrupted system files can be the cause of error 2503 installation problem on your PC. So, running a System File Checker scan to repair system files could be a potential solution. Here is how you can run an SFC scan in the command prompt:

  1. Hurry To win+ S to open the text box for file search.
  2. Find the command prompt by typing ordered in the search text box.
  3. Right-click Command Prompt in Finder to select a Execute as administrator option to open this application.
  4. Run a System File Checker scan by entering this command text and pressing Come back:
    sfc /scannow
  5. Wait for the scan to reach 100% before closing the Command Prompt window.

5. Make sure the Windows Installer service is running

Windows Installer is a service that helps in installing software. It is therefore a service that you should check before trying to install Epic Games Launcher. Here are the steps to start Windows Installer:

  1. Open the Services app by tapping Win + R then typing “services.msc” and hitting enter.
  2. Double click on the Windows installer service.
  3. Click on Begin to run the Windows installer.
  4. Then press OKAY to get out of the window.
  5. Try installing the Epic Games launcher again.

6. Assign Full Control to the Temp and Windows Installer folders

Users have reported that assigning Full Control permissions to the Temp and Windows Installer folders can resolve error 2503. Changing folder permissions may not be the easiest solution to apply, but it this is probably a potential solution. Follow these steps to assign Full Control to the Temp and Windows Installer folders:

  1. Select the File Explorer taskbar button.
  2. Click on See more and Choice in Windows 11’s File Explorer app. In Windows 10, you’ll need to click Choice on Explore See tongue.
  3. Select the radio button for the Show hidden files, folders or drives option.
  4. Deselect the Hide protected operating system files (recommended) setting.
  5. Click on Apply to save these explorer options.
  6. Select OKAY to close Folder Options.
  7. Open the C:Windows case.
  8. Right-click the Temp folder to select the Properties option.
  9. Select Security in the Temporary Properties window.
  10. Click on Advanced to view security settings.
  11. press the Continue button.
  12. Select the user account (computer name) you are using.
  13. Click it To add option.
  14. Then click on the Select a principle browse options.
  15. Type Everybody in the object name box.
  16. Select the Check names option, and click the OKAY button.
  17. Then select the Total control checkbox and click OKAY.
  18. press the Apply and Yes buttons.
  19. Then click on the OKAY options to exit windows.
  20. Repeat the above steps for the Installer folder in the Windows directory.

7. Reregister Windows Installer Service

If the Windows Installer service is not working properly, re-registering it can be a solution to error 2503. You can re-register this service in the command prompt like this:

  1. Open your command prompt application as shown in steps six and seven of the second resolution.
  2. Here is the command you need to enter to unregister Windows Installer:
    msiexec /unreg
  3. Hurry Walk in to execute the service unsubscribe command.
  4. To register the service, enter the following text and press Come back:
    msiexec /regserver
  5. Restart Windows 11/10 after running the above commands.

8. Install Epic Games After Clean Booting Windows

To ensure that no third-party programs or services conflict with the Epic Games Launcher installation process, try clean booting Windows. Setting up a clean boot disables unnecessary third-party startup programs and services. Here’s how to configure a clean boot with MSConfig in Windows 11 and 10.

  1. Start the Run dialog box by holding the key the Windows button and pressing R.
  2. Type it msconfig Run the command in the text box and press Come back.
  3. To disable startup programs, deselect General tab Load Boot setting.
  4. Select the Hide all Microsoft services setting on MSConfig Services tongue.
  5. Then click Disable all to uncheck all the boxes of all unnecessary third-party services.
  6. Select Apply to confirm the new startup configuration.
  7. Click on OKAY to close System Setup, then select To restart when prompted.
  8. Install Epic Games Launcher after clean booting Windows.

If you can then install Epic Games Launcher without any problems, then you can restore your PC to its original startup settings. However, keep in mind that error 2503 can also occur when trying to install other software. To restore all startup programs and services, select the Load Boot elements and Activate all options in MSConfig and click Apply.

Have fun again with the Epic Games launcher

There’s a good chance (but not necessarily guaranteed) that these potential resolutions will fix Epic Games Launcher install error 2503 on your PC. Some of these possible fixes may also resolve the error 2503 issue for other Windows software. Once this problem is solved, you will be able to install Epic Games Launcher and play Fortnite and all its other freemium titles.


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