How Windows 11 update KB5014668 will help prevent your PC games from crashing


Windows has been the go-to operating system for PC gaming for the past few years, but unfortunately Windows 11 hasn’t been so well received by gamers. While Windows 10 has had years to reach a stable state, Windows 11 is just getting started.

As such, the operating system launched with a long list of bugs and errors, most of which have been fixed. And now the recent KB5014668 update contains fixes for some recent instability issues. Here’s an overview of the update and how it will impact PC gamers.


What’s happening with Windows 11 update KB5014668?

Windows 11 recently received a set of updates to fix many issues that gamers are having with game crashes. Unfortunately, opening the DirectX Diagnostic Tool was not enough to fix these issues, but this new update provides a solution.

These issues stem from the DirectX 12 repository, and the KB5014668 update focuses on fixing issues with it. Below is a detailed look at these issues and how they affect Windows 11 gamers when trying to play the latest and greatest games.

1. The DirectX 12 problem

DirectX 12 is a repository of useful multimedia related software and codes used on the Microsoft platform. This is especially true for programming games and videos on Windows.

Most modern titles use a collection of functions from the DirectX library. Thus, most games require users to download, install and keep DirectX updated. Unfortunately, the DirectX library is large and some of its functions can sometimes cause problems.

Recently, an issue surfaced that caused in-game video clips to fail to play consecutively when using DirectX 12. Most modern titles work with DirectX 12, as its vast library allows for better graphics and ray tracing.

Unfortunately, since this was a core problem with the DirectX library, users could not easily find a fix online. Fortunately, Microsoft was aware of the issue, which has since been resolved with the release of KB5014668.

2. The XAudio2 problem

XAudio2 is a lower level API that comes with DirectX. It works through a Windows system’s low-level mixer and interacts with applications based on or working with DirectX. As such, XAudio2 is a core feature of DirectX.

Unfortunately, there was an issue where games that used XAudio2 were crashing. Although this is a lower level API, it still caused many problems with titles that depended on it. As you can imagine, there was no effective fix for this bug. Fortunately, this update fixed the problem.

Why players should install this update

The game scene is no stranger to bugs and crashes. This is especially true for those running Windows 11. So while the new OS had some issues, it’s encouraging to see Microsoft act on it.

This new update fixes issues that DirectX 12 had with its related titles. Now that it’s live, the anxiety and worry of launching your games is slightly lessened.

Once you’ve installed this update, you can breathe a little easier knowing that the issues that once plagued your favorite titles have been resolved.

The future of gaming on Windows 11

The release of the operating system was initially stigmatized in the gaming community. It launched with so many bugs that interacted negatively with beloved game titles. However, many of these issues have since been resolved and Windows 11 is slowly but surely becoming stable.

Windows 10 is still the preferred option for most gamers. However, this update shows that it won’t be long before Windows 11 becomes a viable option for gamers around the world.


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