Internet connection speed and game download: Where is the optimal level?


A few days ago we saw that the speed of the Internet connection that our provider offers us, and the speed that appears when we download or use different services that include measurement systems, can generate doubts, because they don’t always coincide. This has an explanation, and that is that in the end, Mbps and MBps are not the same.

We also saw a few years ago that the internet connection speed we need varies depending on what we want to do. So, for example, if we only want to browse the Internet and use the network of networks in a basic way, we will have enough with very modest speeds, in fact it would be enough with 3Mbps. but if we are going to play content in UHD, we must have at least one connection that reaches the 25Mbps

So far so good, but what if I need to download very large files, like games, for example? I know that this is a question that continues to raise many doubts in you, and that is why I wanted to deepen this subject by devoting an article to it, in which I hope to be able to help you solve these doubts.

The connection speed is very important if we are going to download games

And especially if we have a storage box with a fairly limited capacitybecause it will prevent us from having many games installed simultaneously, which means that to play some titles again we will have to uninstall and reinstall, and therefore we will have to download them again.

How long will it take for this game to download It will depend on two things:

  • The state of the service from which we will download it. If it is very saturated, or if it has problems, it may not be able to take full advantage of the speed of our Internet connection.
  • The peak of our internet connection speed. The older it is and the longer it remains, the less time it will take to download this game.

To better understand, I’ll give you an example of a download I just did, since I want to play Deadlight again, one of my favorite post-apocalyptic games. When I start the download, Steam warns me that with an internet connection speed of 522 KB/son half a megabyte per second, it would take one hour and 42 minutes, real nonsense. This speed is equivalent to an Internet connection of 4.176Mbps You can enlarge both images by clicking on them.

Internet connection speed

However, since my internet connection speed is a symmetric 900 Mbps, the game peaked at downloads of 92 Mbps, or about 736 Mbps, and downloaded in less than a minute. As you can see, the difference is huge. we are talking about 1h42 against less than a minute. The wait in the first case would be so tedious, and long, that we could let the game download and go out to do something else.

Obviously, the higher the speed of our internet connection, the faster our games will download, but nor is it essential to reach those 900 Mbps. From 100 Mbps we could already download to 12.5Mbpsand with 300 Mbps the maximum download peak would be 37.5Mbps, optimal and sufficient levels so that heavy game downloads don’t take forever.

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