Microsoft drops Windows 11 Construct 22000.348 with an Installer Repair (MSI)


Microsoft has released Windows 11 Construct 22000.348 (KB5007262) for Windows Insiders in the beta and launch channels. KB5007262 brings the next repair:

We have tackled a recognized challenge that can prevent applications, such as those from Kaspersky, from opening after trying to restore or replace applications using Microsoft Installer (MSI).

It also contains earlier fixes that were released through Windows 11 Construct 22000.346 last week, as well as the following:

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  • We fixed an issue that affected the performance of the Appx PowerShell cmdlet on PowerShell 7.1 and later.
  • We fixed an issue that caused some customers to see a surprising “unhealthy image” error message dialog box on startup.
  • We fixed an issue that is causing search indexer.EXE stop responding during a dismount operation as part of the remote desktop.
  • We fixed an issue that impacted the opening of the SearchFilterHost.exe during.
  • We have added assistance for DST cancellation for the Republic of Fiji for 2021.
  • We fixed an issue that prevented units with certain processors from responding when coming out of hibernation.
  • We solved a COM initialization challenge in wslapi.dll which can trigger the appeal course to stop working.
  • We fixed an issue within the Hyper-V Digital Machine Bus (VMBus) that caused the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) Virtual Machine to sometimes take a day trip when connecting disks. This challenge also prevents the utility from starting.
  • We fixed an issue that affected the handling of System Reminiscence Management Unit (SMMU) failure after hibernation.
  • We fixed an issue that prevented the system from working after authorizing Hyper-V.
  • We fixed an issue that failed to use machine group coverage objects routinely at startup or in the background for units at a site that have certain processors.
  • We fixed an issue that caused the Server Supervisor cmdlet to return a failure. As a result, many Outlined Information Heart (SDDC) software program validations fail while configuring optional options.
  • We have added the option to configure a Web Protocol Model 4 (IPv4) Transmission Unit (MTU) of less than 576 bytes on an interface.
  • We fixed an issue that is causing get-winevent fail, and the error is an InvalidOperationException.
  • We fixed an issue that incorrectly made some fonts variable.
  • We fixed an issue that displayed glyphs on the spurious angle whenever using the Meiryo UI font and various vertical fonts. These fonts are often used in Japan, China or various countries in Asia.
  • We have added a feature to facilitate some knowledge transfer between browsers.
  • We fixed an issue that occurs when a dialog box opens in Web Explorer.
  • We fixed an issue in CLSID_InternetExplorer. [UPDATED] We fixed an issue that affected the automation contingencies of Web Explorer COM. For additional data, see Removing the Web Explorer 11 desktop application Faq.
  • We fixed an issue that prevented Web Explorer from working whenever you copy and paste textual content when using the Input Technique Editor (IME).
  • We fixed an issue that prevented some apps from responding to enter. This challenge occurs on units that have a touchpad.
  • We have resolved a touch keyboard deployment challenge that impacts WebView2 controls in Windows UI Library 3.0 (WinUI 3) functions.
  • We fixed a reminiscence leak in ctfmon.exe this happens every time you switch between totally different edition buyers.
  • We are updating the phone number for Windows activation for countries that have the spurious phone number.
  • We have fixed a recognized challenge that causes error codes 0x000006e4, 0x0000007c, or 0x00000709 when connecting to a shared remote printer on a Windows Home print server.

This is not even half the record for fixes delivered via KB5007262. For the entire file, go to the official website blog post.

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