Missing lawyer falsified mother’s signature to take out millions in loans: lawsuit


The elderly mother of a real estate lawyer – who went to AWOL last month after clients accused him of stealing their money – says her son forged his name to contract millions ready.

“I am 94 years old and have been the victim of a terrible fraud,” she wrote in an affidavit filed by her lawyer alleging that her son Mitchell Kossoff forged his signature to borrow a total of 2, $ 6 million.

Capital Stack gave Mitchell the upfront money in exchange for his agreement to repay $ 3.67 million – money from his law firm’s future income.

The loan documents show not only Kossoff’s signatures, but one purported to be his mother’s – and these don’t look like legitimate examples submitted to the court.

After Mitchell failed to repay the loan, the finance company sued him and his mother in Manhattan Supreme Court.

Phyllis Kossoff said her son forged his signature on Capital Stack loan documents.
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“I only learned about the fraud last week when my son, Mitchell Kossoff, told me that there were documents that had my signature but which I had not signed,” she wrote in Thursday’s filing seeking an injunction to prevent Capital Stack. to sue her for unpaid loans.

“I certainly didn’t sign any of those affidavits or underlying documents.”

Mitchell’s conversation with his philanthropist mother is the first public indication that he hasn’t fully gone MIA, according to RealDeal.

A general view of the Manhattan District Attorney's Office.
Phyllis Kossoff claims Mitchell Kossoff borrowed $ 2.6 million using his signature.
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His law firm has essentially closed and his clients fear he may have run away with their money, the site reported. Several of his clients are suing him.

The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office is investigating the allegations.

Kossoff could not be reached for comment.

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