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Nintendo Switch fans must download a brand new freebie from Nintendo eShop.

Just days after its Nintendo Switch exclusive launch, 51 Worldwide Games received a free trial version.

The scaled-down version of the main game gives users access to Dominos, Four in a Row, President, and Slot Cars.

Despite its rather modest presentation, 51 Worldwide Games is shaping up to be a hidden gem for Nintendo Switch.

As the name suggests, it features a selection of classic games from around the world, as well as various toys, mini-games and more.

“Clear the table and sit down with your friends and family to enjoy a diverse collection of timeless favorites, in person or online, at 51 Worldwide Games,” the official description reads.

“From ancient board games to modern classics, from relaxing solitaire games to fast-paced toy sports, discover the games that have shaped cultures around the world!

“Don’t you know the rules?” All games come with short, narrated introductions to get you started with the basics, while step-by-step tutorials teach you the ins and outs of more challenging games. “

51 Worldwide Games offers a number of different control schemes, from traditional controller-based inputs to Joy-Con motion controls.

You can even play local multiplayer by laying the handheld flat on the table and using touch controls.

Another cool feature is the ability to play local multiplayer on multiple consoles with just one copy of the game.

This is in addition to a Mosaic mode, which allows you to expand certain experiences – like Slot Cars and Piano – by placing multiple consoles side by side.

You can see the full selection of games featured in the software below …

The complete list of games and experiences in 51 Worldwide Games …

• Mancala

• Points and squares

• Yacht dice

• Four in a row

• Hit and blow

• Morris nine men

• Hexagon

• Drafts

• Hare and hounds

• Gomoku

• Dominoes

• Chinese checkers

• Ludo

• Backgammon

• Renegade

• Chess

• Shogi

• a mini-shogi

• Hanafuda

• Riichi Mahjong

• Latest card

• Blackjack

• Texas Holdem

• President

• Seven

• Speed

• Corresponding to

• War

• Takoyaki

• Pigtail

• Golf

• Billiards

• Bowling

• Darts

• Carrom

• Toy tennis

• Toy football

• toy curling

• Toy boxing

• toy baseball

• Air Hockey

• Slot cars

• Fishing

• Battle tanks

• Team tanks

• Photo gallery

• a 6 ball puzzle

• Sliding puzzle

• Solitary Mahjong

• Solitaire Klondike

• Spider Solitaire

• Piano (bonus game)


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