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Football is the number one sport. And it’s not just a nice sentence, which can be a great start – it’s a fact. Of course, only porn is more popular than football, but I’m not in the mood to talk about that today, so it was a PC football game that became the subject of this material. In this selection, we have tried to stay as far away as possible from known series – such as Fifa or Pro Evolution Soccer.

It doesn’t make sense to advise you on games you’ve played 100% before, does it? Thus, in this selection, only football simulators and managers that are not so popular, but deserve the attention of fans of the genre will be present. And if you want to play football online with the possibility of winning money, then online casino India is the only option for you.


FIFA is a series of football simulators. The first game, called FIFA International Soccer, was released in 1993. After that, every year improved versions of the game were released.

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In the early 2000s, many critics expressed displeasure with few gameplay improvements, as EA was mainly committed to adding new leagues and improving the game’s graphics. But to date, the latest games of the series are not likely to bore you. What’s so special about them? Different modes: friendly match, league, cup, career, tasks. Ability to connect gamepads – you can play against the computer and with your friends. Huge selection of teams and players. In career mode, you play for your favorite club and act as a manager and coach.

Hiring specialists, training schedules, improving your stadium, transfers and everything that surrounds the concerns of a club owner is now in your hands. Defend the glory and honor of your club in national, regional and world championships! Fulfill the tasks of sponsors to achieve the financial well-being of the club. FIFA Manager is one of the best football games because the gameplay is addictive, physics-based and the high-quality graphics allow fans to recognize their favorite players from afar.

FIFA Manager Game Series

  • Release date: 2006-2013.
  • Genre: Sports managers, simulator

FIFA Manager is a series of sports management games; the first of them, named FIFA Soccer Manager, was released in 1997. Since 2005, new games with the modern name FIFA Manager and the prefix from 06 to 15 began to be released. Typically, each subsequent match was released a year before the first football season that was to be played. This is because the developers have considered club and national team ratings, player fitness, group finances and many other aspects.

Professional beach football

  • Release date: 2003.
  • Genre: Simulator

Pro Beach Soccer is one of the best soccer simulations of the last decade. By playing in the game, you can visit the best beaches in Asia, Europe and Latin America at any time of the year. Demonstrating absolute professionalism, you will be able to reach the level of competence of world stars: Eric Cantona, Giulio Salinas and Amarella.

Spending time practicing hones the technique for executing long and short passes, dribbling and precise shots. The scorching sun, beach cheerleaders, fast pace and club music make the game interesting and exciting. Pro Beach Soccer has over 1000 player moves, weather and time of day changes, and four championship mode beach stadiums (in Marseille, Rio de Janeiro, Venice, and Bangkok).

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Pro Evolution Soccer Game Series

  • Release date: 2004-2019.
  • Genre: Sports Simulator

Pro Evolution Soccer series is considered as the main rival of FIFA in the title of best football simulator in the world. The rivalry between Konami and EA plays a positive role, mainly for gamers. Prior to the 2004 release, games in this series were only available for Play Station. However, the popularity of the football simulator was huge and as a result the game (starting with Pro Evolution Soccer 3) became available for PC.

In PES Simulator, you have complete freedom in choosing the style of play, absolute control of the ball when shooting on goal. Each virtual football player is identical to the real one, not only in appearance but also in trademark techniques and nuances of facial expressions. The dribbling tempo is similar to the real one. By pressing a few buttons, the player can change the speed of the ball, throw the ball in front of the opponent and take it back, and close the “trick” with his body until his teammates enter the free zones.


  • Release date: 2002.
  • Genre: sports, football simulator

Football: The 2002 World Cup match proves once again that football is rightly considered the most exciting spectacle in the world. It is worth noting that the gathering of the most vital national teams on the planet came to people’s minds not so long ago – about 100 years ago. However, the passions and battles in the football arenas have not calmed down since then. The World Cup takes place every four years. A short forced break had to be made only during the Second World War.

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Today, under the magical influence of sports, almost the entire male population of the world has passed: more than 40 million people watched the World Cup held in France. You too have the chance to participate in the world championship and win the gold trophy!

Please choose one of the 32 strongest teams in the world and play with them in the group stage qualifiers, play-offs and finals! There are no weak teams here, each worthy of being called the best national team in the world. During the game, you can use dozens of tactical and technical tips:

  • Short and long passes
  • The game on the wall
  • bold swings
  • Fast ball movement
  • Hit the ground and out
  • Create an artificial offside
  • Go from defense to counterattack

Use the entire arsenal to win the coveted trophy!

Urban acrobatic football

  • Release date: 2003.
  • Gender: sports

Urban Freestyle Soccer is a fascinating and original street soccer simulator. Compete in football duels on street courts painted with graffiti. Football players are created in a unique style: there are cheerful African Americans and sullen Latinos, rap lovers, Jamaican reggae fans and many other representatives of various subcultures.

Who’s the neighborhood boss who won’t help uncover the fight and the football game? Allowed to use a lot of tips and tricks to play dirty. They will help you defeat your opponent. There are over 40 players in the game, each with their arsenal of crown kicks, feints, and signature moves. Episodes will feature street rap and duels commentated by a man with no restraint in expressions. There is a unique training mode to familiarize yourself with the intricacies of the game.

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