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Amazon’s much-vaunted Prime Early Access sale is now live, bringing slashed prices on top items in its online storefront. The deals cover a wide range of products: we’ve seen Chromebooks under $100, discounted prices on audio gear, and great deals on board games, providing a great opportunity to finally grab a sought-after purchase that has may have been postponed for the fee.

There are few forms of entertainment that can rise in price as quickly as gaming, between the technology needed and the games themselves, but the Prime Early Access sale seems to be tackling that problem as well. With discounts on select PC titles of up to 89%, here are some great gaming deals you won’t want to miss. Make sure you’re a Prime member first so you can get the preferential rate.


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Save up to 33% on OlliOlli World for PC

OlliOlli World is a game brimming with personality and charm. It invites players into a colorful and quirky world that resembles adventure timequirky kingdoms of , then puts a skateboard in their hands and asks them to play again instead rocket power. It’s a game that rewards as much as it challenges, offering a suite of customization options and accessible gameplay, without toning down the technical prowess needed to truly excel in its vibrant skateboarding gauntlets.

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When the modern XCOM games rebooted the classic alien combat war of the XCOM 1990s series, they revitalized a once-great franchise that had long since sunk into mediocrity and obscurity. XCOM is a game of decision-making and thinking, with major consequences for every misstep. It offers players a mix of large-scale strategy and fine-tuned tactical combat on the ground, and strives to make each layer feel weighty and relevant.

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Save up to 65% on Mafia games for PC

The Mafia the games do crime drama, and they do it very well. Since the start of the series, he has provided an alternative option for Grand Theft Auto‘s more modern settings. Mafia tends to keep a more discreet and regular tone unlike GTAwackier moments, but it would also be extremely reductive to only talk about Mafia with reference to GTA. The series is self-contained with solid action-adventure gameplay, compelling period open worlds to explore, and gripping narratives that evoke the best of classic gangster movies.

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Save up to 85% on Civilization VI for PC

Few names in the realm of 4X strategy games are as accessiblely addictive as the Civilization Games. Its onboarding process for new players is one of the easiest in the subgenre, yet this ease of use avoids compromising the game’s grand vision and ever-growing complexities. Civilization VI continues the franchise’s longstanding excellence. It offers everything from nuanced mechanical tweaks to much larger changes, like newly unstacked cities that allow players to more specifically manage the growing sprawl of their civilization.

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Save up to 80% on Battlefield games for PC

The huge settings and massive multiplayer war zones of the Battlefield The franchise has long been a favorite of many FPS fans. The series has a storied storyline, depicting the mud and mire of no man’s land in battlefield 1the heavily armored world of modern warfare in Battlefield 3 and 4, and now even the technology-laden combat of the future in Battlefield 2042. It’s a series of scale and strategy as much as a series of chaos and competition.

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