Record data center fire disrupts some Kakaos online games (and their stock value)


Some of our readers don’t read the news from South Korea or South Korea, so the towering story of the mainframe fire near Pangyo, Seongnam, this weekend probably doesn’t bother you. been told. Still, it looks like it’s had an impact on MMOs in our orbit.

In addition to the other end of the weekend, the Kakaos Moonlight Sculptor was offline, a particular reason for the server center fire in South Korea. The game went live again on October 15, and today it will be dropped and paid for, complete with buff elixirs, arena tokens, guild presence perks, and battlefield rewards.

According to local media, the center is owned by the SK group and affected South Korean internet giants Naver and Kakao, so it could be about more than just video games. The government appears to be investigating the impact of a service system on finance, communications, and transportation, mocking Kakao, in particular, and criticizing him for the sake of his public discourse. In the history of computing, three thousand servers have been shut down. Kakaos stock remained out of stock.

Although the Pangyo fire may have the best effect of such incidents, it is hardly known to affect the MMO genre; Last year, a fire at the OVH premises in Strasbourg, France destroyed several buildings and forced MechWarrior Online and RUST players to leave the building and lose their character data.

Source: Korea Times, Kakao.


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