Returnal and Sackboy should be the next PlayStation PC games


PlayStation Studios titles Returnal and Sackboy a Big Adventure have been leaked online, showing that both PS5 games appear to be the next PlayStation titles to come to PC.

Update: Sony has officially announced Sackboy a Big Adventure, confirming what we already knew from the trailer’s preemptive download earlier. Sackboy a Big Adventure is set to dive into PC systems on October 27, 2022. Now we just have to see if the PS5 title Returnal will be officially announced for PC next.

Original story: PlayStation Studios titles Sackboy a Big Adventure and Returnal have had their PC versions leaked onlineshowing that these PS5 exclusives will most likely be the next big PlayStation games to come to PC.

Sackboy meets Returnal in this mashup!

Returnal and Sackboy A Big Adventure from PlayStation Studios for PC

Two videos have been leaked online – one from an official PlayStation YouTube channel – and feature Returnal and Sackboy a Big Adventure on PC. Sackboy’s announcement came straight from PlayStation’s Latin American YouTube channel in a video that revealed that Sackboy a Big Adventure would be coming to PC on October 27, 2022 – exciting times indeed for PC owners.

On Reddit, users pointed out how unusual it was that the pre-order link didn’t work and no other PlayStation channel announced the release, which is pretty significant. This suspicion seems to have been proven because the YouTube video has now been set to “unlisted”, which prevents the video from appearing in YouTube’s search feed or other video tabs. However, if you have the URL, you can still access the video and watch the 30 second ad.

returnReturning to PC should be an absolute treat

The second leak is from Returnal which has had a few leaked videos online, one of which has been completely removed from the face of the earth now. However, one video remains and can be viewed on IconEra. The video isn’t particularly interesting, as it just shows the options menu that PC gamers will have access to and some of the customizations that they will be able to use while playing this roguelite third-person shooter. Regardless if the footage show is a bit boring, it certainly validates previous news about Returnal coming to PC.

What do you think of these leaks? Excited to see characters like Returnal and the Sackboy series take a PC trip? Let us know all your thoughts and feelings below!


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