Signature Evergreene Homes program revolutionizes residential construction


For nearly 10 years that Evergreene Homes has operated here on the Delaware coast, they have innovated and adapted their products and processes to better serve buyers in remote and local markets. Evergreene’s Signature On Your Lot program occupies a unique and exciting space in the new home market. Here are the top 5 reasons why the Signature program is revolutionizing the home construction process:

  1. The luxury of a “made-to-measure” construction in less time

Signature on Your Lot Buyers can select floor plans from a portfolio of homes, each with many structural options that “look” similar to a custom home build. Homeowners can customize their plans with a wide variety of selectable upgrades and modifications that create spaces that truly reflect the comfort and style of their life. The difference and the added benefit of a portfolio house is the expedited process! Architectural plans for the house are produced faster, the shovels hit the ground faster, and the house is delivered in a timeframe impossible to achieve in a true custom home, with an end product no less luxurious.


  1. Know everything before signing the contract

By selecting a home from Evergreene’s Signature Portfolio, buyers may have the opportunity to visit the floor plan in person within an Evergreene community. Build self-confidence by experiencing the home, then build the home of your dreams. Additionally, Evergreene offers comprehensive cost estimates with accurate prices so buyers have all the information they need to make important financial decisions.

  1. A mid-size builder gives you the best experience

As if Goldilocks herself was discovering Evergreene Homes – they are “just the right size” to give you the most enjoyable and convenient home building process. Evergreene has grown to a size that offers competitive pricing, a size and caliber of staff to meet strict deadlines and warranties backed by full-time after-sales service. In addition to offering this valuable wealth of industry knowledge and experience, Evergreene nurtures personalized and genuine customer service relationships with each buyer to deliver the home that’s right for them.


  1. Get more for your money

In addition to beating true custom build on the production schedule, Evergreene’s Signature On Your Lot program offers custom homes without the long price tag. Save the costs associated with a bespoke architect and interior designer. Evergreene’s team of architects and engineers have already designed a wide range of luxurious beach houses just begging to be personalized – guided by Evergreene’s professional interior design coordinators. Plus, buyers can take full advantage of Evergreene’s Preferred Lender Relationships, which offer convenient construction to life mortgage loans and rate foreclosure options! The resulting product is a beautifully appointed home, which adapts to the buyer’s lifestyle without breaking their budget.


  1. Virtual consultations and interactivity

In the post-Covid sales market, Evergreene has taken full advantage of new business tools and practices that make the buying process convenient and enjoyable for potential buyers. Whether it’s scheduling remote video conference calls to review house plans or buyers using the interactive floor plan feature on their website, Evergreene is changing the landscape from first consultations to new building. houses.

With even more reasons to consider Evergreene’s Signature On Your Lot program for your new beach house construction, contact their On Your Lot sales team. Now is the time to explore building the right home for you. Put your signature on an Evergreene home today!

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