Sony is slowing download speeds for games in the US


The obvious joke: how could download speeds be slower? Ok, now that’s out of the way. Sony has announced it will slow down game download speeds in the US in response to increased demand due to coronavirus-related quarantines, which have seen huge swathes of the country stuck at home with few nothing else to do than stream videos and play games. The company had already taken similar measures in Europe and is now extending the policy to the United States:

“Starting today, we will take similar action in the United States, and we will continue to take appropriate action to do our part to help ensure the stability of the Internet as this unprecedented situation continues to evolve. We are grateful for the role we are playing in helping to create a sense of community and fun during these very difficult times. Thank you again for your support, your patience and for being part of the PlayStation community. Please stay home and stay safe.

The game itself, according to Sony, should not be affected:

“Players may experience slightly slower or delayed game downloads, but will still experience robust gameplay. We appreciate the support and understanding of our community, and their contribution, as we take these steps in an effort to preserve access for all.

Seems like the appropriate compromise: once you’ve got a game, you’ve got it, but it could cause all sorts of problems if you don’t prioritize the actual gameplay, which is much less bandwidth intensive anyway. . However, this could be a bigger headache for the US than for Europe, which has worse overall connectivity and large numbers of people without broadband access of any kind. Slowing down already slow downloads is a problem, after all.


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