SUSE’s D-Installer takes shape as a new web-based Linux distribution installer


In addition to Red Hat being busy working on their new Anaconda web installer for future releases of Fedora and RHEL, SUSE engineers have also been pursuing their own web installer built on top of YaST. D-Installer 0.4 was released recently as the latest improvements on this front.

SUSE announced earlier this year that it was developing D-Installer as a new web-based, YaST-enabled installer and could be complementary to its CLI and Qt-based installation front-ends. In March, there was a public experimental version of D-Installer and since then they have continued to progress.

SUSE D-Installer 0.4

With the new D-Installer 0.4 there is now a multi-process architecture around this installer, support for installing multiple products so that the user can choose between, for example, openSUSE Tumbleweed / Leap Micro / Leap at the time of installation and a simplified workflow. Below are some videos courtesy of SUSE showing the installer in action, still in its original form:

On the YaST blog they also note that they are developing “Iguana” as a new (open) early stage SUSE effort which is a minimal Linux environment capable of running D-Installer and can grab/run containers from basic execution. Iguana is currently in an early stage of development and a tentative name for this base platform.


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