The 3 best must-have PC games from Indian developers

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In a country obsessed with cricket, where parents send their children to academies in the hope that they’ll at least make the IPL cup, the game has managed to hold its own, but mostly on smartphones. As PC gaming continues to grow in popularity, console gaming is struggling to retain its relevance.

Due to low internet bandwidth and cheap phones, India is one of the top five mobile gaming markets in the world with around 300 million users. PC games try to establish themselves in this environment.

Although owning a PC dedicated solely to gaming remains a pipe dream for many in India, the availability of cheap internet has helped raise awareness of online gaming. Gambling business in India is forecast to generate revenue of Rs. 11,900 crore (about $1.6m/£1.2m/A$2.2m) by 2023, and big companies have started to explore India as a possible market.

Although India has long been a hotbed of creative developers, designers, and coders, game production has not always been a popular option. However, in recent years, a few developers have dared to tackle these issues and released their games. To show our support for these brave pioneers, we’ve put together a list of the best Indian PC games, just in time for PC Gaming Week.

1. Gamedev beat

Want to create your own game? Gamedev Beatdown, on the other hand, is a single-player 2D hybrid strategy game that lets you gamify the challenges of a game developer.

2. Asura

Asura is a rogue-like game that has been around since 2017. Ausra is a top-down game set in a fantasy world where the player’s skill tree changes with each death. This game is mainly inspired by Indian mythology, as the name suggests, and has the player reborn as an Asura, or demon, who fights against the “god-king” Hasirama with the use of abilities.

3. Miner’s Courage

Miner’s Mettle is a unique combination of a real-time strategy game and an artillery game. This game, set in the future, transports you to a recently discovered but inhospitable planet that contains the miraculous substance Pentium. As a player, you must not only fight other groups for possession of the planet and its resources, but also ensure that you return to your base station alive and with a large cache of the mineral.


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