The 5 best fast-paced PC games to play while you wait



All the multiplayer players have been there. Everyone is waiting in the lobby except a friend. They probably won’t be long enough to hold a full set, but right now you’re just sitting on your hands. Here are 5 of the best quick games to open in a new tab and play while waiting for the slowpoke to kick in. The games listed are all small enough to run in another tab, fast enough that you can play an interesting amount in. 5-10 minutes and most importantly a lot of fun to play.

1. Speed ​​runners

How can it not be a quick game if it has speed in the name? Speed ​​runners is a simple concept that delivers boats full of excitement and intensity. Players need to go far enough in front of their rivals that the screen no longer covers lagging players. You do this by using the typical range of dashes, special items, and skillful movements to develop and maintain your speed during a short loop run. If the race starts to take too long, the screen will begin to shrink until one error is enough to knock a player out.

The game loads exceptionally fast and each round is subdivided into a series of races. It’s also very easy to learn and quick to learn. You are unlikely to feel like you shouldn’t have bothered to charge it even if you only get the chance to play for 2-3 minutes. The only problem is if you quickly load this one up while you wait, you might never want to start the game you were going to play.

2. Duck game

Duck game, it’s a game about ducks …

As advertised ... Ducks

As advertised … Ducks

Okay, I add a little more. This fast-paced, quirky and action-packed game is perfect for playing a few games while waiting to start a bigger game. The titular ducks engage in violent shootings with a variety of mad weapons. The rounds may take a minute or two or may be finished in seconds if each player plays aggressively and tries to make it a race for the best weapons. If you want to make it a quick game, try to avoid spending too much time choosing your duck hat and outfit, otherwise everyone might have to wait even longer for your style to be on point.

Compared to Speed ​​runners, I generally find Duck game takes a little longer to go from startup to action. However, it is still pretty quick and perfect if you have to wait a bit longer as the different maps and weapons promise a lot of variety.

3. Lethal League

Deadly league is a very unique game that involves using a baseball bat to beat your opponents, but not hitting them. Instead, you have to hit the ball at them, causing them not to be able to fight back or dodge it. Initially an easy task, it quickly becomes almost impossible to time as the pace of the ball increases rapidly and each stroke feels like a small miracle. This game is especially good for small groups. Having only 2-3 players is not a problem in Deadly league and 1v1s are often the most dramatic games.

Yeah, it's not just baseball bats, there are some weirder tools than pictured here

Yeah, it’s not just baseball bats, there are some weirder tools than pictured here

If you are looking for a game for when there are only 2 players in the lobby waiting for a third one, Deadly league should be your reference. However, it is an addicting game and one that gets more and more fun as you get better. It can also be an opportunity to play for longer periods to get the most out of short competitive matches with friends.

4. Ultimate Chicken Horse

Another unique board game, Ultimate Horse Chicken usually takes a little longer than the others on this list. If someone messages ahead of time that they’ll be 10-15 minutes late, this game should be your favorite game while you wait. It requires precise platforming skills but doesn’t take itself too seriously. You can probably guess the silly tone of the title alone. Each player chooses an animal and must use them to traverse a map, usually a steep fall between two points.

At the start of each turn, players place items that can help or hinder movement. Each player wants to make the map difficult enough that other players cannot complete the level, but not so difficult that they cannot complete it on their own. Not only that, but each map is also a race with points awarded based on a number of factors.

The maps become more and more interesting as they advance and more and more items are added. You need a few more minutes than in other games to really get the most out of Ultimate Horse Chicken. That being said, each round really doesn’t take more than 10 minutes, so you can get back to a bigger game pretty quickly. This is the best quick game to play while you just have to wait another 10 minutes for the last player to get ready.

5. Stick battle: the game

Stick battle really doesn’t take much explanation. As Duck game, it’s clearly based on old flash games you may have used on school computers to play over lunch. He really does very little to innovate on the classic formula, but he has essentially perfected it. The rounds are incredibly short, you can finish a fight in less than a minute after launch, and the physics engine keeps everything tactical and interesting.

How could a card like this lead to anything other than quick play?

How could a card like this lead to anything other than quick play?

Each player controls a very rudimentary stickman and must rush to grab various weapons, usually guns, and start shooting at their rivals while avoiding environmental hazards. The fight is frantic and usually ends very quickly. However, in a short period of time there is room for skill and strategy. Even alliances are formed, usually around each player shouting “TRUCE, TRUCE, TRUCE!” When they realize that the block below them is destroyed, it means mutual destruction.

The only problem is that the game has a strong tendency to explode, with different players seeing different things on the screen. However, the laps are so quick that a buggy ride never feels like the end of the world. More than any game on this list, you can really scale a game for any length of time, even if it has less long-term appeal.


If you’re a gamer who usually just sits and waits, try these games in a new tab. All of them are very cheap at the store of your choice and some like Ultimate Horse Chicken can even be played in streaming. Find out and make the most of your online game time with your friends.



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