The UK’s National Lottery is scrapping its Monopoly and Scrabble online games to stop underage gamblers


UK National Lottery Operator Camelot The announced new game rules prompted the company to make changes including remove Monopoly and Scrabble online games from its website. The products, which were part of its online offer “instant win” wallet, have been removed in a new move that aims to protect children from gambling advertising.

The restrictions, which were submitted by the Advertising Practices Committeelook for to prevent the use of popular youth culture elements such as sports and video games in gambling advertisements., reports Mirror. This means they won’t be allowed to feature or reference high-profile footballers, celebrities, reality stars and video games that strongly appeal to under-18s.

There have been a number of different instant win Monopoly games over the years, spanning different prizes and with slightly different game mechanics. Monopoly Gold games were developed to be similar to the original board game.

The player would choose from a selection of game tokens and click on the dice to allow their token to move across the board. The products included mini-games and instant prizes thus, and players collected property cards as they moved around the board.

A Camelot spokesperson said that to register for a National Lottery online account, players must be over 18 years of age. They also pointed out that it is “widely recognised” that the the risk of problem gambling associated with National Lottery products “is very low”, according to the cited source.

“However, as a responsible operator, we reviewed our advertising for several months in accordance with the new CAP code rules, which we knew were going to come into force,” they added. “Consequently, we have removed – or not extended the license for – games such as Monopoly and Scrabble, and changed the artwork of our IWG Fruity Bingo and Winter Wonderlines“, Mirror reported.


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