AI Buddy

Talk to GPT-3 powered AI via WhatsApp

About AI Buddy

AI Buddy is an AI-powered chatbot that is powered by the GPT-3 technology. It is able to keep a decent conversation with users, but users must have their own OpenAI keys. Currently, the AI Buddy chatbot is able to remember up to five previous conversations.

The makers of AI Buddy have plans to make the chatbot even better in the future. They plan to make it compatible with Telegram, as it is currently quite expensive to use the chatbot with WhatsApp. The AI will also be able to have different personas to choose from, and users will also be able to choose the amount of conversation memory the bot is able to remember for them, though this will mean they will need to pay more tokens to OpenAI. Users will also be able to fine-tune the GPT-3 technology for a custom bot, using their own data and information.

AI Buddy is a product of FortyTwoAI. If you would like to try the chatbot out, you can email to get a code.

AI Buddy screenshots

AI Buddy - screen 1
AI Buddy - screen 2

AI Buddy video demo

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