AI Grant

Funding for for AI-native products

About AI Grant

AI Grant is a non-profit distributed research lab backed by Nat Friedman, ex-CEO of Github, and Daniel Gross. They fund brilliant minds across the world to work on cutting-edge artificial intelligence projects. Almost all of the work we sponsor is open source, and they evaluate applications on the strength of the applicants and their ideas, with no credentials required. To date they have provided over $500,000 in money and resources to more than fifty teams around the world.

There are exciting early examples of great AI products, like Midjourney, Copilot, and Jasper – new applications that have grown explosively, reaching millions of users and creating huge businesses practically overnight. This is just the beginning.

The AI Grant program:

  • $250,000 for your AI-native product startup
  • $250,000 in cloud credit from Azure
  • Early access to models
  • A week in San Francisco with amazing people
  • Apply here by October 1st, 2022

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