ChatGPT HTML website

Building a HTML website with ChatGPT prompts and Replit

About ChatGPT HTML website

Replit explains step-by-step how a site was built in less than 10 minutes using a few ChatGPT prompts.

Here's a glimpse into how software development has changed forever.

  1. In the very first prompt, ChatGPT gives us the first version of the HTML and CSS we need for our landing page. Replit allows us to run it immediately.
  2. If we want a new section added, we ask for the new HTML element. If we want a visual upgrade, we ask for the updated CSS. Prompt. Paste. Run. Repeat.
  3. After prompting ChatGPT for a few more elements, we have ourselves a startup! This is obviously not the final version for our new "TechCo" but it's an exciting start.


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