ChatGPT PR code review

Let ChatGPT review pull requests for you in GitHub

About ChatGPT PR code review

Pull request reviews allow collaborators to comment on the changes proposed in pull requests, approve the changes, or request further changes before the pull request is merged. Repository administrators can require that all pull requests are approved before being merged.

Please note: this project is a WIP and the author does not recommend you to use it in production.


  • Create a vscode extension that asks ChatGPT to refactor or point out the bugs of a selected range of code. I don't have time to learn vscode extension and implement it.
  • Implement ChatGPT's review feedback as a commit or suggested change (#27)


  • code of experimental quality!
  • ChatGPT often generates misleading comments which could confuse your contributors and that's one reason against using this action in production.
  • Sometimes you will get 403 errors when the generated prompt is too long or considered an attack(perhaps?).
    • This feature has been implemented but it is unstable. Add split: true to with node in your config to enable this feature.
    • When you have too many changed files, ChatGPT will produce very bad results. Here is an example:


YOLO Mode: Give all the info to ChatGPT in one go


Using Unstable Split Feature



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