Your own ChatGPT-like bot for your Discord server

What is DiscordGPT?

DiscordGPT is an incredibly customizable GPT-powered Discord Bot that is based on Autocode. Autocode makes hosting and development easy, with it providing a Node.js-based serverless hosting, and an online collaborative code editor. This means that you can extend DiscordGPT any way you like and customize it to your needs.

If you don’t have any coding knowledge, then don’t worry, Autocode is easy to learn. For software developers, it is familiar territory. All you have to do is connect your Discord bot credentials and OpenAI credentials and you’ll have a functional ChatGPT-esque bot for your Discord server.

DiscordGPT screenshots

DiscordGPT - screen 1
DiscordGPT - screen 2

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