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Tips for the prompt:

  • Use in-build Prompt Generator, just pick random words and it is enough for AI to understand you!
  • If you type your own prompt, you need to be as precise as possible. Try to add as much details as possible, for example: don’t write “cat”, but give more details “white cat wearing hat in Japan cyber 4k fisheye abstract aesthetic detailed drawing pink background”
  • Use styles we propose or type your own style in the prompt window and Ai will use and your art will be much interesting

DRAI features

  • Prompt Generator. If you are stuck with new prompt ideas, you can use a prompt generator and it will create new descriptions for you!
  • Inpainting. Select the area in the photo you want to replace with the new object, tell AI what to draw instead and that’s it!
  • Upscale. You can upscale your just generated art and any photo in the library.
  • Sketch your idea, type what AI should draw and it will create an art based on your sketch.
  • Upload a photo, add some prompt and AI will generate a picture based on these two!

Read in Ukrainian or Ru