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Dropbox Dash

AI-powered universal search and Dropbox AI

About Dropbox Dash

Dropbox Dash is a revolutionary search tool powered by artificial intelligence that enables you to access all your tools, content and apps from a single search bar. It is compatible with major platforms such as Google Workspace, Microsoft Outlook, Salesforce etc., so you don’t have to move between different applications to share content, join meetings or find a file shared by a colleague. As Dash is powered by AI, it will improve over time as you use it.

In the future, Dash will be able to provide answers to questions and suggest relevant content depending on your company’s information. For instance, you will no longer need to search through a bunch of internal links and pages for the date of the next company holiday as you can just ask Dash and get an answer right away.

Dropbox Dash screenshots

Dropbox Dash - screen 1
Dropbox Dash - screen 2
Dropbox Dash - screen 3
Dropbox Dash - screen 4
Dropbox Dash - screen 5
Dropbox Dash - screen 6

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