Falcon LLM

A Model Developed by Abu Dhabi’s Technology Innovation Institute (TII)

About Falcon LLM

Falcon LLM is a foundational language model with two versions: Falcon-40B with 40 billion parameters and trained on one trillion tokens, and Falcon-7B with 7 billion parameters and trained on 1.5 billion tokens. Both models are autoregressive decoder-only, which means that the model is trained to predict the next token in a sequence given the previous tokens. The GPT model is a good example of this.

Falcon’s architecture has been proven to be more efficient than GPT-3 in terms of the training compute budget, as well as requiring less compute at inference time. It was created using specialized tools and includes a unique data pipeline that filters and deduplicates content from the web.

In addition, there are two ready-to-use chat models available, Falcon-40B-Instruct and Falcon-7B-Instruct.


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Falcon LLM screenshots

Falcon LLM - screen 1
Falcon LLM - screen 2

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