PaLM 2

A new language model with improved multilingual, reasoning, and coding capabilities.

About PaLM 2

PaLM 2 is an advanced language model with advanced multilingual, reasoning, and coding abilities.

Multilinguality: PaLM 2 has been trained extensively on text in more than 100 languages, so it is able to understand, generate, and translate complex phrases including idioms, poems, and riddles in a variety of languages.

Reasoning: PaLM 2's dataset contains scientific papers and web pages with mathematical expressions, which has enabled it to demonstrate enhanced abilities in logic, common sense, and mathematics.

Coding: PaLM 2 was pre-trained using a large amount of publicly available source code datasets. This means that it excels at popular programming languages such as Python and JavaScript, but can also generate sophisticated code in languages like Prolog, Fortran, and Verilog.

PaLM 2 screenshots

PaLM 2 - screen 1
PaLM 2 - screen 2

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