First Travel Company to Utilize Generative AI

About Navan

Navan, formerly known as TripActions, is a comprehensive solution designed to make traveling easier. Today, the company has announced that it has become the first travel business to integrate generative artificial intelligence (AI) into its infrastructure and product features. Using the OpenAI and ChatGPT APIs, the company is now utilizing this technology in both user-facing features, such as modernizing its customer service center, as well as optimizing the efficiency of its codebase.

Through Ava, Navan’s virtual assistant, travel managers are now able to customize recommendations and increase traveler engagement. Admins can ask the technology to perform tasks such as making data queries, providing precise carbon emission details, or ordering corporate cards; while travelers can ask Ava to resolve customer service issues, recommend an Indian restaurant close to their hotel in London, give the weather forecast for an upcoming trip to Chicago, or find the quickest way to get to JFK at 7am.

Navan Screenshots

Navan - screen 1
Navan - screen 2
Navan - screen 3

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