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A free, open source tool that makes it easier to integrate safety features into Language Model (LLM) based conversational systems.

About NeMo-Guardrails

LLMs have the capability to do a lot of things such as answering complex questions, writing creatively, and even developing and debugging source code. Creating applications that are powered by LLMs can be difficult, as doing it safely and securely is not simple. NeMo Guardrails was created by NVIDIA as a solution to this problem.

This software is supported by open source toolkits like LangChain, which has earned over 30,000 stars on GitHub in a few months. These toolkits offer reusable, easy-to-use templates and patterns to build LLM applications by combining LLMs, APIs, and other programs.


NeMo-Guardrails screenshots

NeMo-Guardrails - screen 1
NeMo-Guardrails - screen 2

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