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PitchBook VC Exit Predictor

Using AI to Forecast Successful Exits for Startups

What is PitchBook VC Exit Predictor?

PitchBook has recently released a new AI tool called the PitchBook VC Exit Predictor. It is powered by machine learning and the extensive database of information on venture capital-backed companies, their financing rounds, and their investors. This tool is designed to give users objective insight into a startup's potential for a successful exit.

PitchBook is a well-known source for quantitative data about VC and private equity-backed investments. They are a financial data and technology company that provides in-depth data on private equity, venture capital, mergers and acquisitions, and other alternative assets. PitchBook estimates that there are 120,000 active VC-backed companies globally.


PitchBook VC Exit Predictor Screenshots

PitchBook VC Exit Predictor - screen 1
PitchBook VC Exit Predictor - screen 2

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