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Using GPT-2 to synthesize Wikipedia articles

About Tensorpedia

Have you ever wondered how an AI would interpret the world? How it would see the universe? How it would parse knowledge? How it would dream? Meet Tensorpedia, a program that utilizes artificial intelligence (aitextgen and GPT-2) to synthesize Wikipedia articles based on nothing but its title. In other words, none of these articles exist!

This website takes a given title and generates a viable-looking Wikipedia-like article about it, using Wikipedia's 10,000 "vital articles" as a dataset.

Feel free to click on any links you see within a page, search using the search bar, or go to a random page by clicking "random page" in the sidebar or footer!

Once an article is generated, you can regenerate the article using the "Regenerate" button. If the generated article does not talk about the title, you can force the title of the article to be the first words using the "Force title" button.

Tensorpedia screenshots

Tensorpedia - screen 1

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