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A GPT-3 AI assistant that empowers business professionals to focus on high-value work

About AskBrian

AskBrian is a virtual assistant that is designed to make life easier for business professionals. It has a wide range of functions such as translating documents into 100 languages, providing company profiles for millions of companies, converting documents to different formats, transcribing audio and video recordings into Word documents, and even learning new skills over time. Its first skill powered by GPT-3 is the "Ask Anything" feature, where users can ask any question and expect a response within three minutes, 24/7. AskBrian also offers customized solutions for enterprise customers.

AskBrian screenshots

AskBrian - screen 1
AskBrian - screen 2
AskBrian - screen 3
AskBrian - screen 4
AskBrian - screen 5
AskBrian - screen 6

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