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Apprentice Bard

Google's potential ChatGPT rival

About Apprentice Bard

Google is in the process of creating its own version of ChatGPT. As reported by CNBC, the tech giant is currently experimenting with multiple variations of the ChatGPT challenger after the CEO of Google, Sundar Pitchai, announced an "emergency" and decided to speed up the development of AI by Google.

At the upcoming Google I/O, the company plans to launch at least twenty AI products, some of which will compete with the powerful ChatGPT. One of the potential contenders is the so-called Apprentice Bard, a chatbot that works with Google's LaMDA conversation technology. According to CNBC, people familiar with the matter have stated that the LaMDA team has been asked to work on creating alternatives to ChatGPT.

CNBC says that it has seen samples of the bot's answers including up-to-date information which ChatGPT is not able to do, since it only has limited knowledge of anything that has happened after 2021. In one example, Apprentice Bard was able to answer if there will be further job cuts at Google. (Apparently it is unlikely in the current year as the company is doing financially well.)


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