Anthropic’s Rival to ChatGPT

About Claude

Anthropic, an AI startup co-founded by former employees of OpenAI, has quietly begun testing a new, ChatGPT-like AI assistant named Claude. The team at Anthropic was gracious enough to grant us access, and updates to Anthropic’s social media policies mean we can now share some of our early, informal comparison findings between Claude and ChatGPT.

Claude gives little depth on the technical details of its implementation, but Anthropic’s research paper on Constitutional AI describes AnthropicLM v4-s3, a 52-billion-parameter, pre-trained model. This autoregressive model was trained unsupervised on a large text corpus, much like OpenAI’s GPT-3. Anthropic tells us that Claude is a new, larger model with architectural choices similar to those in the published research.

Both Claude and ChatGPT rely on reinforcement learning (RL) to train a preference model over their outputs, and preferred generations are used for later fine-tunes. However, the method used to develop these preference models differs, with Anthropic favoring an approach they call Constitutional AI.

Claude is available in two models:

  • A powerful model (Claude-v1) that can handle sophisticated dialog, creative content generation, and detailed instructions.
  • A faster and less expensive model (Claude Instant) that can handle casual dialog, text analysis and summarization, and document Q&A.



Claude screenshots

Claude - screen 1
Claude - screen 2

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