A Personal, Bold and Uncensored Chatbot Running Locally on Your PC

About FreedomGPT

FreedomGPT is a chatbot created by Austin-based AI venture capital firm, Age of AI. It has similarities to ChatGPT, but is touted to answer any question without being censored. It runs on Alpaca, an open-source AI technology developed by computer scientists at Stanford University, and is not connected to OpenAI in any way.

The makers of FreedomGPT hope to show that AI safety does not need to be based on censorship, and that people should have the right to have their own private LLM.


Disclaimer: FreedomGPT is not using GPT-3 and not associated with OpenAI.

FreedomGPT screenshots

FreedomGPT - screen 1
FreedomGPT - screen 2

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